A dream of you locked inside of another reality
trying to reach out for me, but I can't hear
Soaring feathers rain upon me and condense
making it so hard to take another moment

So break this wall and take this life away
I don't need this mirror that leaves me here, on my own
A storm that rewinds my dying heart
too many memories
Scream out my name
and I will try to save myself in this nightmare

Shaking I raise my hands high up for an answer
touching a face that has gone clouded
Red smoke, fills me up and changing my life
and slowly, it takes all of me that I know
to where my heart can't go

I can hear a shattered noise
'Release me'

So as
I break this wall I take your life away
You don't need this mirror that can't find answers to your riddle
I'm sorry that we have become as one, incandescent
I'll put my flame out so I can save your own

@настроение: miss u