Too Close To Touch - Comatose

I feel myself falling deep
To the place you wait for me
I follow blindly
And you remind me
How to feel it all again
Ocean eyes they pull me in
To our eternity
We're no one else can be

I don't wanna wake up
But I don't want a fake love
Scared to lie awake
Cause nothing fills my soul

And I keep it to myself
I don't know who to tell
Left my love inside a dream
And she's like no one else
I feel like it's killing me slow when I go
I just wanna stay asleep, comatose

I feel your veins tangled deep
In a place I'll never reach
But I'm still searching
So don't desert me

I ain't got no one, you see?
And out there's not where I wanna be
So pull me close to the place I need

Cause you know I obsess over this and I can't stop
And I swear you exist, but it's just in my head
Just in my head

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