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I am the closest thing to God

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Every Time Our Earth Shakes

Our Last Night - Every Time Our Earth Shakes

Wave after wave
No change in my faith
I'm here for you through high or low
Every time our earth shakes
I'll fight through the pain
I'll die before I ever let you go

I made this promise to keep it
I won't let you slip away so easy
Even if it feels like we're fading
It's gonna take a little more than the earth shaking

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All These Thoughts

NEFFEX - All These Thoughts

Yo, all these thoughts keep me up at night, yeah
What am I doing, did I do it right? Yeah
All these thoughts keep me up at night, yeah
I can't think straight, need the light, yo

I need to breathe, get me up and out of these sheets
On to my feet, another cup of coffee in me
That's what I need, my eyes puffy, I can't see
I'm too tired to function but too lost to sleep

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Mechanical Instinct

Aviators - Mechanical Instinct

One step at a time,
I’m going outta my mind
I’m being hunted by something primal
They’re just simple machines
Yet, tainted souls they seem
For five nights I’ll fear for my survival

Looks like I'd better run for my life
I'll never be in one piece to see night five
I've got eleven on my tail, with no time to think
Of a way to survive mechanical instinct

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Message Man

Twenty One Pilots - Message Man

A loser hides behind a mask of my disguise,
And who I am today is worse than other times
You don't know what I've done,
I'm wanted and on the run,
I'm wanted and on the run.
So I'm taking this moment to live in the future

Release me from the present,
I'm obsessing all these questions,
Why I'm in denial
That they tried the suicidal session,
Please, use discretion
When you're messing with the message, man,
These lyrics aren't for everyone,
Only few understand

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Про картинки

Я тут сегодня узнал что не у всех могут отображаться мои картинки. У меня плагин обход блокировок рунета(очень полезная штука в наше время, уже столько всего заблочено-то) и давно не смотрел без него, не заметил. Но вряд ли у меня будут силы править все посты и даже подобрать сервер тумблера с которого отображается, по крайней мере не в ближайшее время. Мне немного не до этого, так что прошу понять и простить или забить.
В пост с инструкцией внес дополнение. В любом случае изображения-то окончательно не пропали, они есть, если нужны то просто нужно совсем немного напрячься. Мне бы очень хотелось, чтобы все видели и без всяких плясок с бубном, но с объемами запощенного я на это убью дни и самого себя.

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Finally See

From Ashes to New - Finally See

I stare down at the ground that's under me
What has become of me? My life is crumbling
It's almost like you knew how to fuck with me
You've taken enough from me, you try to ruin me

I'm feeling like I'm sliding below like there's no hope
I'm dying alone and I'm so low
I'm trying to show another side of me I hide, denying to know
I feel your knife, it's slicing my throat like a chokehold
You're tightening the rope as I grow cold
I'm fighting to hold, another part of me has died, I'm finding control

Every time you say you don't believe in me
It doesn't mean a thing, I won't go quietly
Every time you say that nothing lies beneath
Look and you'll finally see what's inside of me

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Spoken - Stronger

I thought I knew it all
But it turns out I was wrong
Had it figured out
Thought I was where I belong

It took a while to see
I lost a part of my life
But what is left of me
Will never give up the fight

I was lost
Alone on the ocean
I was drowning beneath the waves
Your love, called me from the water
You are the miracle that made a way

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Rearview Mirror

Art Of Dying - Rearview Mirror

What comes around goes to show
I could have guessed, I should have known
Up and down, It's all the same
You tell the lie, I take the blame

How come it's always so complicated
Losing my mind
So bored and jaded
I can't believe it
All the time I wasted
With you, with you

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The Raw Art of Being Idle



Lorene Drive - Beautiful

She's just the kind of girl that I've been looking for
Her lips with that cigarette and those hips sway so delicately
I think somebody told me secret
I swear that girl she knows my weakness

I just got to let her know that she is oh so beautiful
So why am I still waiting around?
I really want to let you know that you are so damn beautiful
So why are we still waiting around?

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Girl On Fire - Monster

I’ve been trapped inside my head
Feeling like there’s nothing left
The silence takes over
Holding on to my regrets
Choking down a cigarette
The ending gets closer
Pressure is building
The struggle begins

Break, break from the dark
Free from the shadows
All of this pain has left me now
It rips me apart
To suffer in silence
Escaping the monster I’ve become

I just need some peace of mind
All these scars are reasons why
My heart is so empty
Try to leave it all behind
Find a way to make it right
I’m looking but can’t see

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Self Riot

Wildways - Self Riot

City lost in the rain
What is everyone talking about?
It's just a mindless game, dead melody in my brain
What is everyone talking about?
What's everyone talking about?

Take a look around, ooh
Look we all drown, yeah

Take a look around, look we all drown
How can I, how can I escape from this sleep?
Can't get away, we all have to pay
We've seen it, we've seen it all in our dreams
We've seen it all in our dreams

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Days Of Jupiter - Bleed

Now i'm just a man with a perfect crime
Time and time again, perfect alibi
And life seems so different in my eyes
So now i scream for a life of eternity
And i'm just an unknown mystery
And i cannot hide all this misery
So now i scream
Life will make you

It's down to who you wanna be
It's down to you
You wanna
Take another bite from insanity
Take another bite from reality

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Hands and Faces

The Used - Hands and Faces

How can I not taste it
When it's right there put it in my hand
And let's not put it in their faces
Hide the obvious just a little bit
It's coming to this

You'll know they'll never face it
They're just a face all covered with a rag
And they can't stop talking,
So the bigger it gets
And yeah they take up space but still nothing's wasted

A lie is a lie with crossed hearts and hopes to die
Wo oh oh oh
You can find me underground
Where I can't hear a sound

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Slaves, Jimmy Alexander - Heavier

No doubt I've done this to myself
The more you know
The more you know
And I just can't quit if you couldn't tell
I've seen it all
I've seen it all
And at night I beg myself to put this all to rest
While I wrestle with these demons pressing on my chest

Am I a fake?
Am I a fraud?
And is it worth losing you for?
Another pain
I can't ignore

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Состояние полураспада

DeTach - Состояние полураспада

И до боли знакомый момент
От справедливости уводит нас
Кладя нож в руки каждому.
Мы уже истощены от измен
От жизней цен
Необходим глоток воздуха
Душа жаждет перемен.

И вжиться в роль сейчас.
В состоянии полураспада.
Робкой попыткой войти в транс.
Дать близким своего яда.
Негатив твой как бумеранг
Он вернётся думать не надо.
И люди мы будем людьми.
Между раем и адом.

И некуда бежать нам.
Это испытание на прочность.
На чистоту души
И в ком же больше лжи.
Помни, кем ты рожден.

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Capture The Crown - Insomniac

Go! It's time we've realized fighting my eyes
With the sun, this insomnia is eating at my soul
And I got nothing left to show
This could honestly be a problem
I've had no sleep and it's getting hard trying to think
I haven't slept a night and I'm paying through the fucking nose
Try and wake me up, let me know which way the wind blows
Fuck what you said, fuck what you did, listen

All alone trying to read all the faces unspoken
In other words, must be broken
Hypnotize me, make me believe that this was all just a dream
I wish I was

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The Hunted


Eye Of The Storm



Citizen Soldier - Cannibal

Parasite, you always find a way to get me high
You get me off then leave me terrified
My fear is all that’s keeping you alive
Breaking me, you love me just enough so I won’t leave
Manipulate so I will never see
That you’re the one that has me on my knees
Well I’m surrendering

Show no mercy, show no love
No saving me you’re out for blood
Cuz you’re a cannibal, a cannibal
You’re a cannibal, a cannibal
Fight like hell you won’t let go
You leave me naked in my bones
Cuz you’re a cannibal, a cannibal
You’re a cannibal, a cannibal

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