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Sick Man's Dreams

I can't live with death. He's always leaving the toilet seat up.
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Mein herz brennt.
What the hell am I doing?
Fall is in the air.

@музыка: Rammstein, "Mein Herz Brennt"




Living through notions.

That's all.


Toot! <3


Ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to make an announcement.

I am alive and kicking.


Ladies....and Gentlemen!

You mess with the bull - you get the horns.


Shut Your Mouth

Life is like a bird...it's pretty cute, until it shits on your head.

My mind is playing tricks on me
I am not as stable as I used to be
Pushed and shoved, you know you're going too far
I will not break my back for you no more,
I am gonna go my way
I am gonna take control
Time to wake up and dig myself out of this hell

Я и мой любимый Барон

@музыка: Pain, "Shut Your Mouth"

@настроение: wake up.


Alabai Dinar

Today I've taken a nice 3 min walk with a wonderful 200lb Alabai by the name of Dinar.

Let me tell you.
When this dog walks...you fly right behind it. He's sort of a dessert ship....etakoj korabil' pustini.

This little sweet-heart saw another dog, and decided to attack. I pulled him back and called him an idiot.
This "idiot" turned abruptly towards me and stared for like 3 seconds right into my eyes

Funny. I never realized that 19 years can flash before your eyes in 3 seconds. Oh, and there was still time for : "Vse blya. Pizdec Gade O.O" !!

Dogs = Fun stuff.

@настроение: fu blya


I've drunk ....5 cups of coffee today.
and my blood pressure is still dropping.
am I dying?
Nope...not yet

Я и Барончик

@музыка: Pain, "Shut Your Mouth"

@настроение: none




Meet Bundy!

He's a lovable pug that can't get his tongue fully into his mouth <3


Lovely day

Counting money and listening to evil music.
Fitting, is it not?

Fuck the system. I was always a rebel, right?
Heh, right.
I can't even speak properly anymore. Neither in Ukrainian, Russian or English.
I might be short-circuiting.

My hands are shaking, my ribs are bruised, and my colored hair is going gray.

But I will pull through. You'll see...I will pull through.

Я живучая тварь

@музыка: "Path", Apocalyptica

@настроение: Fuck the system.


Доступ к записи ограничен

Закрытая запись, не предназначенная для публичного просмотра


Не Бойковскоe это дело

Богдан стал евангелистом, Вася продает на базаре, а Надежда купает собак.
Пиздец. Че-та все Бойки с ума посходили.

В этом мире я - гость непрошенный,
Отовсюду здесь веет холодом.
Непотерянный, но заброшенный,
Я один на один с городом.

Среди подлости и предательства,
И суда, на расправу скорого,
Есть приятное обстоятельство:
Я люблю тебя - это здорово.
Это здорово.
И это здорово.

Надежда умирает последней.

@музыка: Noskov ''Eto Zdorovo"'

@настроение: *zadumalas' *


Я Капитошка.

Так. Це Я!

@музыка: ya xi-xi-xi-xi-xi, ya xa-xa-xa-xa-xa

@настроение: YA KAPITOSHKA!


It's a groomer's love because it's a dog's life

@музыка: Alizee, " Moi Lolita''

@настроение: lalala


You know you want him.


@музыка: Finger Eleven, "Paralyzer"

@настроение: moo


If you love something, turn it loose. If it doesn't come back, hunt it down and kill it.

@музыка: Smisloviye Halyucinaciyi

@настроение: i want to go home to my mutant gerbils


I love the look of Houstonians when we have Ukranian rock blasting in a car...

oh, and also my red hair.

All of them ask me if that's my natural hair color O.O

Шо ж це я, шо ж це я не зумiв
Зупинити себе, тебе... Сьогоднi
Сьогоднi так вив, без тебе сумую
Сумую без тебе, накинь шось на себе

Я налию собi, я налию тобi вина
А хочеш iз медом

Хто ти є? - Ти взяла моє життя
I не вiддала
Хто ти є? - Ти випила мою кров
I п'яною впала

Твої очi, кличуть, хочуть мене
Ведуть за собою
Хто ти є? Й ким би не була ти

@музыка: Okean Elzi, "Ya ne zdamsya bez boyu"

@настроение: bleh


my hot kavkazets decided that i'm his chew-toy

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