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...Come To Still Your Life Forever...
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Hi...its me. :)

Amazing...forgotten diary is came to life again! yeah! So long time....Just can't believe....


Feels like...it's will my last post here...last post and only after 2-3 months I can make new messages here.

Some new plans and new lifestyle, thats why.

P.S. Try to come back w/o bad changes (:

Magic time! 3:33 good luck for me!


Just I can't choose better job, then come here and make a post-)))

Yea! I here! It's not End of our world, just want make one more post...well it's 3:26 AM Moscow Time, and I think, that I will not sleep tonight, trying stand up, and want go to the shop now, get something for drink, like vodka-)) Myself feels bad now...that sux guys...but need to pass this period, and wait for good changes-)))

Sorry for stupid post again, looks like tomorrow, when I see it, I'll shocked, stupid things in my head now...;)

Well gonna run away, smoke, shop, drink, and maybe I go to the some night club, if my legs will make right way for me after vodka..=))


The hell...

Oh damn, I got sick...shit, stupid weather, hate it...

@музыка: Apocalyptica - Pray!

@настроение: What ever - don't have...


Black and white....Poor and good...

I feel, that I'll leave my work place so fast, as I can, stupid people right here, just some of them nice dudes, now I got new thing, some work, much more of money there, like my in 3 times-)) It's good...well I hope that it was good (white) thing...

What about bad thing? In 3 words => It is suX...so fucking bad, as it can be, but anyways thrust me from my words, cuz I will not type it here...

It was bad thing, strange, that I can't type it...but it is...well it's will my "SecreT" thing ;)

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Your face with your dream, it's the feeling - you can breath...

Sometimes in life we all break down, open your eyes and look around, you are not be only one...who cry...
If you think about the times gone by, just stop yourself, and wonder why, you are not be only one...who cry...

P.S. Don't forget you're not alone..(:

@музыка: Something positive ;)

@настроение: Don't have.



Damnit day, I have came to work at 1:00 PM, not 7:00 AM, why? Just cuz I got stupid day, thats why...stupid computers got crashed just like ALL oh my God...dunno what the...just sux-)

Now I finished all questions, or maybe half of them, anyways I gonna leave this place now=)

thats all, stupid day again ;)

@музыка: Prodigy - The Spitfire

@настроение: I gonna be mad....



Well, I just sitting at work, and I'am absolutely not busy. thats why I right here, right now, and btw - snow on street! nice weather...
Well I don't want stay here (at work) now...Just I know, that I will at home and I'll see nothing, nothing new, just 1 day like other days in my life.

I was wondered - wtf I must to do, I need make something, something new...

And I got Idea! I will drink a tea w/o shugar xD hahahah j/k j/k (=

Well looks like it's boring day again...

@музыка: UK Hardcore 2004 [Mixed by Metro_Fun]

@настроение: Can't tell...


Oh CooL! (((:

Мне снился сон, в котором я увидел себя в зеркало...одежду, лицо, абсолютно все, я считаю, что это один сон на миллион=))

Залез в сонник (:

Если Вы во сне увидели себя в зеркале, то Вас ожидают невероятные события, однако болезнь может стать причиной многих бед.


@музыка: VA - Hardcore Battle One Sets: Upfront vs. Freeform. Mixed by Metro_Fun

@настроение: Not good/Not bad.



But today I miss my workday, cuz I have sleeped..(:

I do not know why, but I want go to street, and get something for drink, like wine or something else...and..and...thats all.

@музыка: Something playing now...dunno what...

@настроение: Feels like I got...hm...I got boring day...


...Just a few words...

Hmmm, I don't know why, but I really feel bad, it's strange, it's sux, but it's my life (:
Or maybe I know all, and know what the hell is going on, but I trying close my eyes, cuz I don't want to see that's all...

@музыка: The Prodigy - Baby's Got A Temper (Main Mix)

@настроение: Just Got Depressed...no words to say...

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