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Дата регистрации: 17 ноября 2005
Возраст: 31 год
ID: 154171
Контакты: U-mail

Пара слов о себе:

Hey, i'm Snezhana aka Snezhik.
I change my mind a lot.
I speak whats on my mind, how I feel and what I think...
I don't give a shit what people think of me.
I may come across as being a biatch to some people.. but i'm not..
so get to know me before you judge!
I dont like to be used and i dont like 2 feel like i've been walked all ova...
if i feel like this i will do something about it,
i dont like to put up with any sh*t,
and i dont like it when ppl try to bring me down when they dont even know me!
some of the time i can be quiet, but then i can also be loud,
i dont like ppl who hate others cuz' they're jelous...
i LOVE my friends and the people around me
who make my days that little bit more special.
I wud do anything for them, they are the best things u'll eva hav..
I'm easy to get along with,
but if you piss me off.. thats your problem.
well this is wat im like, and who i am,
if anyone has a prob.. ohh well, i don't expect everyone to like me.
I try 2 live my life 2 da fullest.

I don't always comment back. it's only because i'm too lazy.


Страна: США
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Город: Сакраменто

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